What we do

The project aims to extend and deepen both knowledge and practice of creative methodologies and processes in MED SMEs, mainly focusing on their sustainable development, and in public and academic institutions as well, through the spread of this knowledge followed by practical experimentation that results in creative problem solving and the exploration of potential opportunities for innovation and improvement. This approach leads to real and feasible ideas for innovation in SMEs, public and academic institutions, building structured processes for new politics that grants tailored support and takes innovation to the next level.


A cluster, incorporating SMEs and regional & transnational stakeholders, will be built and will focus on the adoption of processes and methodologies of creativity for business innovation at all levels (organization, process, product, market) by using:


-the laboratories of creativity for innovation


-skills acquired & the resources of creativity identified during the project


-the process of strategic planning for regional/transnational development defined with stakeholders


-the way to assess the economic, social and environmental sustainability of innovation projects


A community consisting of Academic entities, Managers & Companies associations and stakeholders will be created focusing mainly on the dissemination of the knowledge of the creativity approach, the experiences and results using extensively the Laboratories in sessions of transnational creativity.


Project results:


1 Creativity Labs - SMEs, academic and public entities will be given, during the Creativity Labs, the opportunity to work together on subjects and interests of common concern and addressing their own development problems in order to identify the opportunities to overcome impediments and, at the same time, to put the basis for a new transnational Creative SMEs Knowledge Cluster.


2 Solutions of sustainable innovation: Generation of more than 18 solutions of sustainable innovation for as many Green SMEs at the regional level and, at least 9, at transnational level


3 Regional and Transnational Working model of creativity for sustainable innovation in SMEs: Processes design, supported by transnational commitments of adoption by stakeholders, to facilitate the development of innovation through creativity.


4 MED Regional Creativity Labs: Establishment of 9 (nine) MED Regional Creativity Labs for Sustainable Innovation with functionalities of Collaborative Virtual Environments.


5 Model for assessing the sustainability: The project will develop an innovation sustainability assessment model suitable in the evaluation process of the economic, social and environmental sustainability of business innovation solutions generated during the project implementation. This model is conceived in such manner so as to allow it to be successfully used in the evaluation process of any innovation project.