‘’The 21st Century Demand for Creative Entrepreneurship and How to Take Advantage’’

October 8th, 2019 - Brussels


On 8th of October 2019 in Brussels, the partnership of CreaInnovation project is organizing a round table debate on challenges faced by SMEs during their creativity - driven innovative development. This public event will be open to the wide audience of the European Week of Regions & Cities and will present solutions developed by project partners, good practices from SMEs and recommendations by experts in the field of creativity, innovation and sustainability.

The event provides a unique occasion for entrepreneurs, and for the general public as well, to learn about the crucial role of creativity - driven innovation in boosting the competitiveness of SMEs.

The event is open and free, registration is required.

If you are interested in attending, please click here to register:  




SMEs are the back bone of the European economy, they play a critical role in the development of regions and countries. SMEs are constantly facing challenges. Modern day business operating environment is characterized by dynamism that calls for constant adjustments of all business functions, strategies and alignment of the same to ensure sustainable growth of these organizations. After the last 100 years of rapid development, in order to survive in their market and differentiate themselves from the competition, SMEs need to be creative and innovative.

By adopting a ‘’creative entrepreneurship’’ approach to sustainable innovation, SMEs can tackle, cost effectively, many of the challenges faced in growing their business. Creativity and management of innovation are considered important factors in sustainable development of company.

During its implementation, CreaInnovation project will offer solutions and guidelines based on the expertise of Creativity – Innovation Experts and innovative entrepreneurs’ good practices.