Why & How

In the EC MED strategic framework SMEs play a critical role in innovation and sustainable development in the Green sector.
By adopting a ‘creative entrepreneurship’ approach to sustainable innovation, SMEs can tackle, cost effectively, many of the challenges faced in growing their business. Creativity, stimulated and developed through specific methods and processes, and the management of innovation are considered important factors for development processes, balanced growth and strengthening of a company’s profile. Mediterranean SMEs, often lacking in innovation capabilities, must be provided with the necessary creativity tools and practices. As systemic creativity support is a prerequisite for innovation development, the project will design, launch and test e-Labs for Creative Innovation engaging regional and transnational public entities, students, researchers and managers, designing and testing structured processes for new innovation supporting politics. In the e-Labs (CIeL) SMEs and public organizations will generate sustainable innovation ideas with flexible and innovative tools fostering their creativity and innovation. Managing creativity successfully will help organizations to tap into hidden capacity for growth and improved competitiveness.
The overall objective of CreaInnovation is to extend and deepen both knowledge and practice of creative methodologies and processes in MED SMEs, mainly focusing on their sustainable development, and in public and academic institutions as well, through the spread of this knowledge followed by practical experimentation that results in creative problem solving and the exploration of potential opportunities for innovation and improvement. This approach leads to real and feasible ideas for innovation in SMEs, public and academic institutions, building structured processes for new politics that grants tailored support and takes innovation to the next level.




        Specific Objectives         Planned actions/Expected results

Define and test with regional / transnational stakeholders a working model to boost SMEs innovation capability through an extensive use of creativity technics and carrying for  innovation sustainability

  1. On Regional and Transnational basis:
  • Identify the right stakeholders able to decide and implement any structural project/initiative (politics, legislation, programmes, and operational structures) to sustain SMEs in their innovation development.
  • Organize Workshops to make a SWOT analysis and to identify the value chain for SMEs Innovation.
  • Issue guidelines for SMEs innovation development.
  • Design a working model for SMEs sustainable innovation (best practices, resources, actors, activities, competencies, tools, roles, KPIs, skills) 

Develop regional Creativity  Laboratories, for creativity techniques implementation, where SMEs can generate feasible and sustainable business innovation  ideas together with other Mediterranean SMEs

  • Identify and involve Architects, Creativity, Innovation, Sustainability and ICM experts from three different Countries.
  • Organize some workshops to collect functional and operational requirements necessary to design a Creativity Laboratory in terms of interiors and equipment supporting local and transnational remote creativity workshops.
  • Produce a handbook with the results of the Creativity Laboratories design and operation.
  • Disseminate the result of the Creativity Laboratories Handbook design during two National Events in each region and two international conferences.

Involve SMEs and regional/ transnational stakeholders to experience Creativity techniques for innovation and create an Innovation Cluster to build capacity for business innovation through creativity.

  1. Organize two events in each Country and two international Conferences to disseminate creativity approach for sustainable innovation through:
  • Story telling of innovation success stories achieved through the creativity approach
  • Creativity approach and methodologies
  • Sustainability model to evaluate innovation projects/ideas
  • Regional and transnational working model developed by stakeholders to sustain SMEs innovation capabilities
  • Creativity Laboratories functionalities supporting local and remote collaborative workshops
  • Promotional material (sustainability model, CreaInnovation Labs, Creativity, SMEs Innovation working model handbooks)
  • Project activities will involve actors to be part of creativity cluster for innovation